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Daly Global traditionally pays a very special attention to travel agents with the goal to protect their business and to provide the best service to their clients. 

Daly Global pays commission to IATA / TIDS registered travel agents. Commission entitlement will be deducted from the total payable for the services. 

Alternatively, commissions can be paid into your credit card account, by paypal. For volume clients, several options of commission payments may be negociated.


Contact us to get our booking tools list.
We are offering state-of-the-art technology.
We are connecting your travellers directly to us, within seconds!

• Provided at no cost to a corporation, travel agent or traveller
• Accuracy in the exchange of data between the traveller, the travel arranger and us, your ground transportation provider
• Offers a more efficient booking process, while reducing the point-of-sale booking time
• Uses a simple point-and-click graphic interface booking tool
• Eliminates the need of phone calls practice

We are proposing booking tools  which allow travel agents to process new, changed, and cancelled reservations without picking up a phone!

• Reduces booking time from 15+ minutes on the phone to less than 20 seconds with as few as five keystrokes
• Informs vendor with provided confirmation and cancellation numbers
• The real-time interface, allows us to connect our back-office systems directly to the GDSConnect™ ensuring that the client gets the latest and most reliable data. The booking tool automatically ‘reads’ passenger profile information (home, office, and email address, phone numbers, form of payment), as well as flight and hotel segments.
• Eliminates transposition errors that can lead to service failures.


We offer you a set of powerful e-Travel and self-booking tools to process and manage ground reservations on a fully-automated basis with real-time interface for: 

• Instant confirmations
• Authentic confirmation numbers
• Rates
• Meeting instructions
• Pick-up times 


Web reservations allow you to book trips online, displays trips that were already booked (even if they booked them with our reservations staff), and even get receipts.

Chauffeur Direct – automatically sends you an email with your chauffeur’s name and phone number 30 minutes before pickup…no more calls to dispatch!

Automatic emailing/faxing of confirmations and receipts. You can even set up a customer profile so that confirmations and receipts are sent to different email addresses!

Group Manifest Importing allows the easy importation of group reservations from an Excel spreadsheet. If you do a lot of group moves, this module is essential.

We accept the following payment options:      +44.203.468.73.28      +352.208.801.99

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